Sunday, January 11, 2015

I suppose it was inevitable

Last Sunday a post about Islam in the EU was forwarded dozens of times according to Google analytics.

Then this.

The situation in Holland is different.

Last year Holland spent $7.2 billion on welfare and crime control in Muslim communities.

Other countries wonder. 

But Dutch Parliament member Macheil de Graaf calls for plans of deportation.

Remember that Theo van Gogh, grand nephew of the famous painter, was murdered in 2004 in Amsterdam for a film he made about Islamic violence against women?


His Islamic murderer shot him while riding a bicycle to work.

Then he shot him six times more point blank after he fell, then he cut his throat and tried to decapitate him, and then left a note pinned to his body with a knife.


Holland’s experiment in multi-culturalization is beginning to reverse.

Xenophobic groups in the Netherlands are growing quickly.

We need better ideas right now.

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