Saturday, October 4, 2014

is spit-roasted pig...a fruit?

Italians like to eat and party with music, and they have had that reputation forever.

The Ferragosto Food Festival takes place in September in Italian neighborhoods, and our Arthur Avenue is no exception.

It goes back a hundred years here in the Bronx.

Arthur Then

Arthur Now, same view

The festival itself is derived from the Latin Feriae Augusti introduced by the emperor Augustus in 18 BC, about 2032 years ago.

That’s a lotta sausage.

They need it to feed the approximately 25,000 visitors this festival attracts each year. 
It was jammed.

Ferragosto signals the end of Summer and the harvest, a time to enjoy the fruits of Summer’s labors.

If you go next September bring a small cooler 
and bring home the best mozz in the whole city!

And eat your fruit!

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