Saturday, June 21, 2014

skatebored? Never!

You’ve seen these lying along the beach, right?

They are skate egg sacks; a bottom dwelling, cold water fish closely related to the shark. 

And like a shark they have no bones, just cartilage.

We eat the meaty and lean wings. 
Their corrugation becomes more pronounced with cooking.

Skate Meunière starts with whatever dredge you like; flour works fine but I like cornstarch for the light, crisp coating it renders.

Coat on all sides and shake off the excess while half butter and half olive oil heats to nearly smoking.

Slip them into the hot fat.

Don’t splash and when they settle down, 
salt and pepper them well.

While they bubble and spit chop some garlic and capers together into a small mince.

Right on top.

After a bit, check the bottom. 

It should be crispy and beginning to brown. 
Add a bit more butter.


And now just flip them over. 

A few minutes more and finish them off with a big squeeze of lemon, then serve with the sauce drizzled right out of the pan.

Crunchy on the outside, white and steamy on the inside. 
No bones and all delicious!

Spread your wings and fry!

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