Friday, May 9, 2014

turn about is fare play

Back in 2012 we took Spotify to task.

They pay artists only half-a-cent for playing their song. 

No one can build a music career on that.


But now Los Angeles band Vulfpeck has turned the tables on the streaming giant.

They “recorded an album” of absolute silence, 

called it Sleepify

then asked their 1000 or so fans to stream it while they slept.

Over and over.

All night. Every night. For months. In total silence.

Generating about $4.00 each time they slept.

Before long Spotify owed Vulfpeck 20grand.


The band promises a free concert series based upon where the silent plays were clustered.

To their credit, Spotify retained a sense of humor, remarking "Sleepify seems derivative of John Cage's work.

Four minutes and 33 seconds of ha ha.


But they also made Vulfpeck take it down.

It’s worth noting Spotify hasn’t actually 
sent a check yet, either.

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