Wednesday, January 8, 2014

remember this guy?

It sprouted in our kitchen fruitbowl. Back in Spring 2013.

So I gave him to José to plant in his garden. 

 Here it is planted in early June.

By June 19th José had staked him.

He was 2 feet high on Independence Day.

And by the end of July José had rigged a network of pipes and strings. 

Were we to harvest more chayote fruit?!

But by mid-August height gains had stalled. 

He was putting out tendrils instead.

Rain in late August raised hopes.

Alas. It seemed not to be. 
By October 5 he was fading fast to autumn yellow.

By November 17th, he appeared completely done for the season.

But wait. What’s that? 

I should have looked closer. 
Just three days before Christmas we discovered his gift from Summer 2013.

December 22, 2013

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