Saturday, December 7, 2013

flex your immune system

Is there a wonder-food at only four bucks a pound packed with Omega 3, protein and iron and rich in Vitamin B-12?

You bet there is. Let’s cook mussels for dinner.


Like other shellfish they’re a bivalve drawing water to filter plankton, but that brings grit into their shells.

They attach to the ocean floor with little strings called a “beard”, and both the grit and that beard has to go.


Scrub them, yank the beard out and put them into a pot filled with icy cold water and set them aside. They’ll draw in new water discharging the grit. 

Throw away any mussel that does not close tightly.

They are dead. Do not eat them. 
We want to kill these mussels ourselves :-)

Change the water two or three times over 30 minutes while you chop shallot and garlic and open a bottle of white.

See the tiny bubbles?

They are discharging air, 
drawing water inside and cleaning themselves.

SO WE CAN EAT THEM like the Belgians do!

Cover the bottom of a sauté pan with chopped cloves of fresh garlic and shallot, then soften over low heat in butter.

Add salt and pepper.

More butter.

And then pile the cleaned mussels on top.

Now pour about a cup of white wine over the shells and as the wine steams up from the bottom, the shells will begin to open. They are dying. Ha ha.

Cover them if you must to keep them in the wine vapor. Eventually they will all open up and you can chew them right out of their shells.

And that’s it, serve them in a bowl with the soft onion and with good crusty bread for dipping into the broth.

Get some exercise. Pull a mussel.

And wine about it.

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