Saturday, August 10, 2013

absolutely none

Panko is the Rice Krispie™ of the bread crumb world. 

Light and airy, this Japanese crumb absorbs less and so it lends a fried coating real crunch. I tried it on Western Beef chicken.

Cut the chicken into parts, strip most of the skin, rub with paprika and garlic salt and lots of fresh ground pepper. Let it stand while you make your eggbath.

One egg, a bit of yogurt add milk to the right consistency, then give your chicken a bath.

Now the fun part. The panko sticks beautifully to the egg.

Your oil must be searingly hot. I used canola because it heats well and is lighter to taste than pure olive.

Stand back! 

I’m never quite sure when fried chicken is done.

So I cut it open and taste test.

Oh, that’s very good. Oh yeah! 
Drain the hot chicken on clean paper toweling.

I had a few small red potatoes on hand, so why not?

I know frying foods is not the healthiest choice.

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