Wednesday, July 10, 2013

different spokes for different folks

Mayor Bloomberg had to get between smokers and their fix the last time he upset so many people. That was back in March, 2003.

Today, a small but vocal contingent of conservative New Yorkers love to hate him for his CitiBike program, by all accounts a rousing success.

There’s a fun article about this over at the morning news. Citibike is at the nexus of all things loathed by Conservative New Yorkers.


So of course we had to try it.

At first the whole “dock it every 30 minutes” thing is annoying, you just wanna Go!

But we learned to adapt and use the 30-minute intervals for water and a rest. 

We picked it up at 58th and Third, rode down to Second Street in Alphabet City, then back to 58th again, although we didn’t have to return it. 

The whole point is you can leave it anywhere you want as long as it’s a CityBike docking station.

The little bike is low and heavy, a “step through” without a top tube. But the weight is carried low, too, so it feels deceptively lighter than its robust 50 pounds. 

With only three gears it cries out for a fourth and even fifth, especially downhill when you can’t pedal fast enough to keep up with the free ride.

But it’s a blast. 
No wonder it’s succeeding. 
Ten bucks for 24 hours and as many rides as you want.

Just dock it, swig your water and in 2 minutes you are back out in traffic in serious danger again!

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