Monday, June 18, 2012

an eye for an eye

Last Friday ClockTowerTenants put up a photo my daughter took in Lisbon, and commented on the excellent compostion.

This morning, graphic designer pal Carol sends a VanGogh (no less!) and writes:
“She has a good eye. One reminds me of the other.”

Vincent Van Gogh
“This exterior of a cafĂ© on the Place du Forum in Arles, 
painted after Van Gogh moved to the south of France in 1888.”
Thanks Carol!  So kind.
And so true! :-)


  1. It's all in the genes.

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  3. lol I can't type this morning.

    Yes, your Mom had an incredible eye, she taught me all the time, so you inherited something from both sides, I guess. It is nature, but it's also nurture, too. And you always did the homework. That counts for a lot.