Friday, June 15, 2012

first, let’s all remain composed

It's Friday night. Thank goodness. Composing a photo, in effect “framing it” before you shoot, is as important as anything else like exposure or focus.

I like this photo. My daughter took it, it arrived from Lisbon last week. You can make it larger by clicking on it. 

See the woman walking up the hill in the foreground? She’s a focal point. Put your finger on your monitor and cover her up, then look at the photo again.
The heirarchy changes, see? The static seated diners in the background remain but now the black car has more prominence. It’s what’s happening in the foreground without the woman. Now move your finger and put the woman back. The composition shifts again, and she re-takes our attention.
And that’s the better picture, right? With her in it.


  1. Well, thanks for the shout out. Technically this is Lisbon, but it's hard to tell from the album :)

  2. Thank you, darling. Fixed.