Friday, June 15, 2012

Sammy? I’ve got your back

I wanted takeout shrimp on CityIsland and Sammy’s seemed a good bet.

A bit steep maybe, but it’s tourist season and if they don’t make their money by Labor Day, they don’t make it. 

Sammy packed it really well.
I found a place in the grass with a view for a picnic, not hard to do on CityIsland.

Seven jumbo shrimp meant about half a pound, a generous serving. The cole slaw was also very good. I love good cole slaw.

And they gave me this awesome Sammy’s mousepad which, y’know, I’ll never use. Old school, but generous.
The shrimp were close to perfect. They had a fresh taste of the sea that crunched. The fries were better than I expected, too.

Bloomberg probably wants our deadly fried food next. 
After smoking and big soda’s.
Come and get me sucker.

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