Saturday, April 15, 2017

that’s so mean

Tahdig (tah-deeg) is the favorite part of any Iranian meal.

Basically the rice at the bottom dries out to a buttery crunch while the rice at the top steams in butter and water vapor. Boil well-washed basmati about 10 minutes, until it is parboiled.

Beat two raw eggs and about a cup of yogurt.

Get some saffron. Real Saffron.

With lots of salt and pepper. Blend all that in, too.

Now load the rice into the eggy yogurt and mix it all together.

Melt some butter.

Put the rice mix into the butter and turn the heat way down.

More butter on top.

Close it up with a towel for a gasket to keep the steam in.

Very, very low for 45-60 minutes.

Now flip it out on to a serving plate.
And garnish with edible flowers.

Crunchy, buttery rice. This stuff rocks.

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