Friday, February 10, 2017

without a common purpose we'll be toast

FACEBOOK was founded on a description of 
Trump’s first few weeks in office.

This also describes the disruption of illegal immigration pretty well.

The cost is tough to quantify, from a low of about $50 Billion a year to a high of more than twice that. 

Depends on who you believe.

Four people sneak away from the U.S.-Mexico border fence after illegally crossing into the border town of Nogales, Ariz. (AP)

Illegals do not qualify for foodstamps or public assistance but to be accurate, their anchor babies do. 

Our Declaration imagined a fairly exclusive club based on work and an idea we all agreed not to destroy.

Now every precious snowflake deserves a medal 
for simply being.
“I deserve because I am” 
will not endure the test of time. 

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