Monday, November 7, 2016

I’m with her

Older Americans recall the joy of Bill’s 1992 election and the faith we had in a man who hailed from HOPE. 
But few have disgraced our ideals more than Dick Cheyney on the right,
 and Bill and Hillary Clinton on the left.

We’ve come to accept this as normal except that it’s not. 

Our rejection of corruption and the world’s perception of this is the foundation of our country in the first place.

America needs change and Bernie had a real chance of making a difference. His outrage that we’ve been hijacked by dishonest elites like the WallStreet Clintons, is the real HOPE that rests with our next generation. 

God bless the millennials.

I think history will be kind to Bernie Sanders. 

The other two can fuck off, honestly. 

But if I have to be with one, I’m with her. 
Vote for Hillary.

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