Saturday, September 3, 2016

Suppertime... and the livin’ is easy

Everyone knows a little leftover wine can be served the next day with a healthy dose of cold seltzer and some ice. 

The “spritzer” is a hot weather classic.

Did you also know you can freeze that wine in an ice cube tray? Toss a cube into a red-hot pan to deglaze the pan after the burger or the steak is done. Set the meat on a plate to rest and melt that winecube over high heat, bubbling and scraping the bits off the bottom into a tasty, concentrated wine/beef sauce. You won’t hate that poured over your burger, believe me.

But Summer suppers should be quick and light. Back in November we did a winter stilton omelet:
Hot weather calls for light toast, “sunny side up” and fruit, not heavy home fries. Mango’s are great right now so cut up a mango, melt some butter in a hot pan and put some challah bread into the toaster. 

We’re making red wine eggs.

The pan and the butter must be HOT, really hot, almost as if the cooler egg just barely saves the butter from browning. Crack two, cook as regular fried eggs and when the bottom is getting done, pour in a quarter cup of red, any leftover red.

Then put the lid on. The wine will bubble and steam and poach the egg while the egg white absorbs the red wine flavor.

Grate some black pepper on top and return the lid. Keep it covered but don’t turn the heat down. Start your toast. Now it’s a sprint to the finish.

A big spoonful of blueberry preserves on the rich, toasty challah goes great with that ripe mango.

And if you still have wine leftover?

Grab a glass. 

Eggs steamed in wine are quick, tasty and vintage!

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