Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Richardsonian Romanesque, folks.

Built in three stages beginning in 1885-86 by architects A.B. Ogden & Son, our Estey Piano Factory home is a NYC Landmark.
The factory wing along Lincoln Avenue to 134th street was started later in 1909 then raised to the full 5 stories in 1919 as the Estey Company grew. But it’s the original section on the corner of Bruckner and Lincoln that is a reigning Bronx example of what has come to be called “Richardsonian Romanesque” architecture, a specific type of Romanesque Revival (1870-1900). 
Commercial buildings in this style are generally associated with a heavy structural appearance almost always built in masonry and often in red brick with stone detailing.

Other typical features include bold inset cast terracotta decoration,

belt courses of “zig-zag” or “in-out” brick,

roundtop windows with repeat arches as used in ancient Rome,

carved figures including cherubs, griffins, and lions,

and stone corbels with cornices, a flat roof and often, a tower. 
(check check check)
Richardsonian Romanesque, folks. 
We live in a landmark.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information. It's great to know we live in a landmark.

    Helen 509

  2. You are very welcome Helen, thank you for saying Hi.
    The more I learn about this building and its long and remarkable history, the more I appreciate living here.
    Now if we could only still hear the pianos......