Monday, July 25, 2016

you’ve gotta win it, to be in it

Does this look like a 25 year old car? 

Meet the Nissan Figaro.

With a billion cars in the world and a production run of only 20,000 units, I had a better chance of hitting the lotto (.002%) than I did of ever seeing one of these in the wild.

No less than the New York Times called this little car from 1991 the “height of postmodernism” and “unabashedly retro.” 

It’s a favorite of movie art directors.

Available in four colors for the four seasons, 
this one was called SUMMER, a pale aqua.

All 20,000 were manufactured with right hand drive, explaining why this street sighting was in London.

I love rare automotive and I always carry a camera, because

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