Sunday, July 24, 2016

in the beginning

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had an idea about 18 months ago.

Welcome Islam,
 and her economy would be strengthened through a wave of young new talent.

So she created hostels all through the south in Bavaria where German tax money pays about $150 per immigrant per day.

Migrants are given a clean bed, three hot meals and free tax-funded training, things not guaranteed to German citizens.

The new arrivals are from countries with links to the Islamic State (ISIS), which peddles a hatred of Germany and its hard working freedoms.

Immigrant Riaz Khan Ahmadzai felt his religion was being disrespected and German’s deserved to die.

Daily “pocket money” given to him with no conditions failed to placate his resentment that German’s are not generous enough.

So he took an ax, screamed Allahu Akbar
 and killed Germans on a train.

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