Thursday, September 24, 2015

hidin' on the back streets

What do Jon Bon Jovi 
and Bruce Springsteen,


have in common?

If you said “rock stars” you’d be right, 
but they are also farmers.

And as farmers they receive part of the $100’s of billions paid out each year in corporate and farm subsidies.

Bon Jovi paid just $100 in property tax because he has an employee keep some bees.

A New York City Rockefeller heir was paid $342,634
to *not* farm his land in Idaho.

While, y’know:

Turns out each year per family we pay about $6000 in taxes for these business subsidies.

But what do we actually bitch about? 

If you are in the 99% you’re getting screwed.

But if you’re The Boss, 
Baby, we were born to run.

 a farm.

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