Tuesday, August 25, 2015

living way too large

After decades of numbing political correctness, 
we don’t try to solve our growing obesity anymore. 

We cheer it on.

But the news today is remarkable.

American behavior around food is unprecedented.

Our sugar intake is off the charts.

We inhale fat like it’s going out of style.

And we sit on our spreading asses day in and day out, 
while pounding this fat and sugar. 

So dressmakers started resizing. 

A size ZERO today was actually a TWELVE in 1958.

American men have loaded on so much blubber we are now 
the third fattest guys on the planet 
after Tonga and carb-packing Micronesians.

But that’s still only half the problem. 

America no longer acknowledges our terrible choices. 

Instead we celebrate fat in media outlets 
so we don’t feel so ashamed.

That's insane.

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