Sunday, May 31, 2015

killing 'em with kindness

The Swedes are proud of their remarkable social net.

They enjoy a guarantee of free food and hi-rise housing, free clothing and education, pre-paid health care and job training for all their immigrants and citizens.

But now an issue has arrived in the form of a new Swedish government policy making authentic Swedish citizens second class.

Even within their own country.

It’s been decided that Muslim Jihadists are misunderstood and need job training to become productive members of Swedish society.

And so, Muslims who first immigrate and then go wage Jihad in the Middle East, will be welcomed home when they return with special treatment.

Ahead of all other Swedish citizens.

The government has announced a plan to fast-track returning Jihadists to social services, including “income support and housing, health care and prioritizing job placement.”

Lotta Edholm, Deputy Minister and member of Parliament for the Swedish Liberal Party feels differently. 

She believes they should be brought to trial.

But with American support it appears ISIS will enjoy special Swedish privileges, 

if they wish to get ahead.

Even when that head belongs to someone else.

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