Friday, May 8, 2015

finally hit the fan

Way back in 1978 New York led the way towards cleaner streets with the world’s first big city poop-scoop law. 

Even a book was inspired by it.

If you didn’t clean up it could cost you $250. 
The streets have been cleaner ever since.

Not so across the pond.

In London suburbs called Barking (no less), the local council has had quite enough of scraping souvenirs from their shoes.

So now they are really getting serious. 

By April 2016 every local dog will have to submit a swab from inside its cheek...

...and have the DNA profile uploaded to the PooPrints™ registry.

Wardens will patrol 27 City Parks and take a test sample of anything they find.

The tests are 99.9% accurate and so fines of about $125 will be levied.

It’s time to teach dogs to clean up after themselves.


Now if we could just get them to scrub out the toilet, too.

Have a great weekend!

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