Sunday, May 24, 2015

but can they play the bagpipes?

The Republic of Ireland handed the Roman Catholic Church 
a stinging rebuke this weekend.

The Irish overwhelmingly rejected medieval notions that same-sex couples are unworthy of equal, human rights.

This country-wide referendum was the first ever of its kind. 

In the USA, less than half turn out for elections.

But in Ireland over 60% of the populace turned out for just this, and 62% of those voted YES.

Of just under 2 million votes cast, 1.2 million voted simple common sense and human decency.

Only 734,300 voted self-righteous bigotry and condemnation by the church.

Now in Ireland, Patrick Fitzmichael.

And finally, Michael Fitzpatrick.

And with gae recognized within gaelic, 
the Emerald Isle is a much better place.

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