Sunday, March 15, 2015

actions speak louder

It’s no secret ISIS has been effective getting its message out on social media.

So Facebook and Twitter took a stand and refused to take “free speech” about Islam down.

Then they began to suspend Islamic State accounts, as a violation of their posting guidelines.

Nothing like a beheading to get you kicked off Twitter, hm?

But then an interesting thing happened.

Isis threatened Twitter’s founder for stepping on their game.

At first Mark Zuckerberg said: 

“...his business wouldn’t censor content, and that Facebook would not let itself be dictated “by a group of people” as to what people may share worldwide.”

Then after seeing Isis Twitter threats, he changed his mind.

If you think it’s not already happening here, you’re wrong.

You might live long enough to see the changes, 
if you are under 30.

If not, your children will. 

In modern times, the sword is proving mightier.

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