Friday, December 5, 2014

the good things never change

Except when they do.

I could just barely make out the Riverside Church from my last apartment, in a slot between two tall buildings.

So I was delighted to realize I had a wide, unobstructed view from the ClockTower. 

It’s the tallest church in America and it seems fairly old (1930) until you consider someone like Greek philosopher Heraclitus. He lived 2500 years ago.

We remember him for wise observances.

Harlem developed. 
That church is back in a slot again.

Now comes news that the days of our views, are numbered.

There once was a railroad turntable right across Bruckner. 

Now it’s a low, one story warehouse.

But the developers who purchased this property have been given the go-ahead to put 800,000 square feet on a 133,000 square foot lot.

By any measure, that’s 8 stories.

Did you also enjoy our view of the bridge?

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