Monday, December 15, 2014

some might just call her a user

For those who thrill to lack of industry oversight, there’s an Uber driver in this story who wants your business.

His passenger was drunk and needed help to get home, so he drove her around for awhile and made a few hundred bucks.

But he’s not a licensed New York cabbie
 so there’s little she can do.

Or consider “Shell”, airbnb’s face in NYC. 

Her real name is Michelle Martinez.


She told an upstate barn owner she “needed a studio for textile art”---a false premise-- then put it up on airbnb to lease overnights and then a wedding, even after she had been served eviction papers for violation of that lease.


She also listed his barn on TripAdvisor, FlipKey, Dwellable and Outpost, along with another place she pimps in Puerto Rico, an apartment in Brooklyn, a home up in Rhinebeck and a 5000 square foot Brooklyn loft. 

Shell calls herself a “share-economy super user.”
She owns none of these properties and has no right to rent them but she was listed as a real estate agent on LinkedIn until she took her profile down.

So what does airbnb say about their poster girl?

...said the company, when the alarmed barn owner explained his insurance did not cover fire or theft from her so-called “business.”

Airbnb claims their service is well-vetted.

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