Thursday, October 30, 2014

bowled over

Maybe you’ve heard we now have the technology to read the New York Times from 35 miles up.

Local camera installation is actually slowing as gait-recognition from orbit gets sharper everyday. 

Why rely on some puny camera when we can read your banking card from outer space?

But the real work being done in tracking you everywhere is in the device you take with you everyday.

EZ Pass knows where your car is in 15 states, and when.

Your hotel key with the RFID microchip tracks you even when you leave hotel premises.

Fast food scans your license plate and ties you to your drive-thru order, plus the day and time you bought it.

Cash registers scan bluetooth as you pay and attach your bluetooth signature to the identity on your credit card.

Your local bank takes your picture every time you dip your card. 

Last year at a Boston concert, IBM paid the organizers a fee to secretly scan the faces in the crowd for testing facial recognition.

The subway tracks us every moment.

Progressive’s Flo tries to sweet talk us into an on-board transponder that tells Progressive where you are and how fast you got there, for a slight reduction in your rates.

FaceBook just takes it all and couldn't care less
 what you think.

And now it’s been announced the NSA has figured out how to turn everyday objects into listening devices, through high-speed video of the minute vibrations these objects produce. 

They can hear us.

Through windows.

Smile, you’re on Candid Camera.

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