Thursday, October 2, 2014

3rd down and no reception

The National Football League 
is going through a rough patch right now.

First, off-field violence is taking its toll on the players, to say nothing of Commissioner Goodell.

Second, almost 5000 players have consolidated lawsuits so that league liability to head injury may cost the NFL almost a billion dollars.

And third, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler just pulled the plug on a 40 year old black-out law.


The 1973 law was intended to force fans to buy tickets and fill the stadium before the game could be watched on tv.

No more.

Wheeler said:

For its part, the NFL claims the law is needed to fill stadiums and feed their $10 Billion in annual revenue.

Without a law to control their product, the NFL may likely move their feed to pay-per-view, ending half a century of free televised football.


Talk about dropping the ball.

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