Monday, July 28, 2014

prince of a chef

Our first ClockTowerTenants Cantina launched last evening and it was bigger than anyone expected.


Any, perhaps, except Chef Josh who was ready with an enormous and delicious grilled Summer supper.

Josh planned the menu, shopped, grilled 
and worked his ass off. 

Thank you Chef!

With over 50 rsvp sign-ups and dozens of additional walk-ins, the tables and bar were packed.

Our menu featured grilled fish and whole fire-roasted chicken, corn on the cob and a grilled vegetable melange of fennel, zucchini, green beans and red onion.

And eat we did!

The bar was crazy, too, despite being a worknight.

Our first Cantina proved a rousing and happy success,
 and we will surely do this again.


Thanks to all for coming!

ClockTowerTenants partied last night like it was $19.99.

And it was only fifteen dollars!


Thank you Charlie, thank you Mike!

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