Sunday, July 27, 2014

get outta my dreams

Get into my car.

At least that’s what Prionda Hill, 25, told police after she turned the wheel of her car over to God and He promptly mowed down a motorcycle.

Hill was driving in Fort Wayne, Indiana, back on July 11th when she claimed: 

That didn’t go well for Anthony Oliveri, 47, but God wasn’t finished with Oliveri and his Harley Davidson just yet.

After hitting him and sending him sprawling, God apparently hit the gas again and lurched over Oliveri’s body, crushing his midsection and kidney, lacerating his spleen and breaking several ribs.

Hill tested negative for alcohol but God has been rumored to turn water into wine.

No word yet on God’s toxicology report.

number one on the Billboard HOT 100 in 1988

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