Sunday, May 25, 2014

left at the alter


Way back in 1965, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton shocked the world with “The Sandpiper”, a love story between a woman and an Episcopalian priest.


In 1977, a novel named The Thorn Birds was filmed and went on to become the second most watched tv mini-series in television history, also because it was about a love affair between a woman and a priest.

Even Pope Francis acknowledges he had a girlfriend before he entered into the Roman Catholic clergy.
It’s just a fact: Priests and woman have been hooking up for as long as there have been priests and women to hook up with.
It starts out innocently enough, 
but can end with the woman being hurt.
That’s why a group of 26 Italian women, organized through FaceBook, have asked Pope Francis to allow their Priest lovers to marry them.

"We love these men, they love us”, the women said, 
“and in most cases, despite all efforts to renounce it, 
one cannot manage to give up such a solid and beautiful bond."
This Pope is the first to be open to hearing their case.

But he’s also made clear “in 10 centuries there have been more positive experiences than errors" in Priestly celibacy, and so he will not adapt to this trend lightly.

6,000 Italian men have left the priesthood to marry, 
about one-fifth of all parish priests now in service.

Perhaps the Pope longs for a simpler time, 
when these things were not so complicated.

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