Saturday, April 26, 2014

the best and the wurst of East 86th Street

The shopping strip between Lex and Second along east 86th Street has changed a lot since I lived in that neighborhood.


This photo from the 1970's looks just west of Second Avenue, along the south side of east 86th Street.



These blocks were the center of Yorkville’s German community, but have become sleek hi-rise with Barnes and Noble, Sephora and Fairway.


Back then East 86th was called “German Broadway.” 

I loved eating in those German caf├ęs.



The Bavarian Inn at 232 East 86th was demolished for the building that now houses Fairway.


A SteubenDay Parade was also a yearly fixture. 

Kleine’s Kondi was for coffee and pastry.


Looking west, you can see the distinctive circular terraces of 185 East 85th, the “Jefferson’s Building” built in 1967.


Alas, German food is heavy and has lost favor and Germantown is long gone. 

But one great German butcher remains, 
Schaller and Weber since 1937.

Schaller and Weber entered 20 of their products in a European competition and medaled in every category, 

14 gold and 6 silver medals.

Tastes like the 70’s, to me.

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