Friday, February 28, 2014

you have got to be kitten me

Anecdotal evidence suggests that cats are emotionally abusive to their owners and there is something pathological about their owners that enjoys this.

Now scientific evidence supports this as truth.

The University of Tokyo has proven what many have long suspected.

You cat doesn’t actually care about you at all.

They know you and they know your voice, just as dogs do. 

But they’ll ignore you until they have needs for you to meet. 

Bites have a proven debilitating effect upon cat owners.

Another recent study at the University of Georgia has documented this naturally sadistic nature. 

Instead of killing for food as emotionally healthy animals do, video monitoring has established a natural instinct to torture what they’ve captured for enjoyment. 

Cats keep prey alive and make it suffer for as long as they are able, even when not hungry.

“The kill footage is "pretty horrible to watch," 
said one owner.

"I stopped watching because I knew what the end point was, that the bird wasn’t going to live. I was very upset with my cat."

Why do cat owners find pleasure in abuse in the first place?

Happy Friday!

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