Tuesday, January 21, 2014

logging-in, collect

Now that the courts have gotten past the net-neutral idea that we should all be equal online...


Syntonic Wireless has stepped into the gap exactly one week after the ruling.

Imagine you have a tablet or phone with no data plan. But you still want to access content.

In a similar way that AT&T permits “sponsored data”, 

Syntonic now markets a platform to allow anyone to underwrite a connected service to customers without data plans.


Soon you’ll be able to connect to the content you want and the cost of the connectivity will be born by the seller.

It’s like an 800 number paid for by the receiver to compel you to call, except most likely on the network you’ll log-in and purchase something.

The ISP’s love this because they’ll get paid for their bandwidth either way. Unmonetized customers are now reachable on the seller's dime so the consumer gets a free ride and the ISP’s can’t lose.


Remember that big gasp when net neutrality died last week? 


It’s already being drowned out 
by the sound of start-ups making money.


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