Monday, January 6, 2014

angry birds

Melissa Mark-Viverito is City Council representative for East Harlem, the ClockTower and our Mott Haven neighbors in District 8.

You might want to remember her name.

Many New York Puerto Ricans practice Santeria, a version of Catholicism with voodoo ceremonies and chicken sacrifices.

This particular City Council member is about to be sued for a cool one million dollars for putting a Caribbean curse upon another woman.

It seems Ms. Mark-Viverito was head of a Latino Urban Art Campaign last Summer and quietly arranged to have a 5-story decapitated chicken painted across from her political rival’s apartment building.

nydaily news

That ex-rival is now suing her for this.

Mayor de Blasio had better hope Ms. Mark-Viverito 
can make this go away quietly.

She’s his choice for Council Speaker in the voting this Wednesday, the position recently vacated by Christine Quinn. 


Speaker of the New York City Council is the second most powerful office in New York City politics and this is no time for fowl play.

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