Saturday, July 13, 2013

picking up the feces

Alright, so this is really bad news today. Don’t read this if you like Orchard Beach and City Island as much as I do.

The Environmental Protection Agency tries to balance health with recreation, so their rules are a little slack. If the contamination is such that only one swimmer in 28 gets sick, that beach is “safe.”

That’s just gross. It gets worse and the Natural Resources Defense Council isn’t buying it anymore. 

Says the NRDC: 

Orchard Beach, our Bronx’s own, tests “polluted with human feces” 6.67% higher than the national average of all the beaches that failed. 

It’s not bad enough we failed. 
We are almost 7% more polluted than all the other failed beaches.

And oh joy, the NRDC reports the change from 2011 is “much worse.”

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