Tuesday, July 23, 2013

hole lotta love

Walking the downtown westside highway, I came upon this old hotel sign.

Must be something historic, right?

It is. 
The building is landmarked after a very chequered past.

The 1897 Knickerbocker Hotel was designed in the Renaissance Revival style and remained in business until 1910. 

After WorldWar 1 the docks grew busy with trading ships and the renamed “Keller Hotel” had the good fortune and the very bad luck to be close to all the action.

Sooooo... for almost 100 years the Keller served up by-the-hour affection to transient, foreign sailors, while the Keller Bar behind a cast iron storefront was reputed to be the oldest gay leather bar in the city.


Only the building itself and that old hotel sign remains.

What stories this hole-in-the-wall could tell.


Gonna give you every inch of my love.

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