Monday, March 18, 2013

transition complete

Our red brick Victorian ClockTower is designed as Richardsonian Romanesque. 1886 was primetime in the development of that showy and romantic style.

As the 20th century turned, neo-classic detailing in stone foundation and later, columns and white stone flourishes became apparent.

Architecture was moving towards the “Beaux Arts” style. The Fifth Avenue Post Office, the Metropolitan Museum and Grand Central (1913) are all exemplary.

The little baby brother to our ClockTower pictured above Grand Central is near the corner of Washington Avenue and 176th Street. 

It dates from 1910.

Note the details; red brick, archtop windows, corbeled brickwork under the triple bay window, even decorative terracotta inserts along the gutterline.

But it is now 24 years later and the stone foundation anticipates Beaux Arts.

It’s almost as if our ClockTower had offspring and the other parent was the Beaux Art’s Chase Bank Building. :-) 

From 1911, naturally. 

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