Sunday, January 20, 2013

street smart sanctuary

You want old? We’ve got old this morning.

The Corpus Christi Monastery at 1230 Lafayette Avenue is the oldest Dominican monastery in the United States.

This is a branch of the first monastery founded by nuns in Prouilhe, France in 1206, 9 years before the Magna Carta.

This particular Hunts Point building is a contemporary of our 1886 ClockTower.

Construction began on The Corpus Christi in 1889 and was completed in 1891.

There is a large protected garden in the back in support of this monastery’s mission; to act within the grace of contemplation.

The day I visited it was locked up like an armed camp and wrapped in barbed concertina wire.

Bronx ProTip: “If it can be vandalized and does not survive...

...God knows, you have no one to blame but yourself.”

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  1. Love the history lesson. Glad to see you are staying out of trouble.