Thursday, December 13, 2012

now museum, now you don’t

I’m on a Stanford University mailing list discussing museum-quality artifact conservation.

It’s great. Some of the best conservationists in the world speak out each week. New York. Sydney. Leningrad.

They write offering seminars, seeking fellowships or jobs, asking conservation guidance...

“How can we get fungus out of leather?”

“Does anyone know where gradient shellacs are sold by the kilo and shipped overnight?

“How should I remove millennia-old rust stains from Viking cotton sails?

Or my to attenuate the heat from lighting. 

Expansion all day, contraction by night.

Like slow motion suicide, irreplaceable stuff tearing itself apart over the centuries.

Keeps me up at night.

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  1. Many of those questions haunt my mind at night as well. Lol. But good and very interesting ones..xo me