Wednesday, December 12, 2012

an eye full tower

The Eiffel Tower is a ClockTower contemporary built in 1887, within a year of our own construction. 

But these photos come from Tokyo.

Built in 1958, the Tokyo Tower dominates the skyline in the same way the Eiffel looms large over the City of Light.

It’s about 30 feet taller to eclipse its Gallic cousin.

Naturally, we went to the top.

The Parisian Tower wears a fashionable shade of bronze but the Tokyo version is painted electric orange for air safety regulations.

New lighting was installed in 1989.

As you move up through the levels...

...Mount Fuji comes into view.

It took us awhile to get up there but who cares with a view like this? 

Would you go to Paris for the first time 
and not to the top of the Eiffel?


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  1. I do love your play with words... very punny!!! Xo me