Sunday, December 30, 2012

nice try, holiday mail

I got an email this morning--not this nice photo above-- but one that appeared to be a holiday greeting from an old and friendly acquaintance, so I opened the email to a downloadable zip file.

Acrobat snapped its fingers and dropped the icon folder to my desktop, right next to the ZIP icon I downloaded. Inside was an .exe.

Opened on a PC, this file probably would have run and installed something. But I’m on an older MAC and it just sat here and stared. 

“I don’t wanna do this. You are going to have to force me.”

I insisted and double-clicked the icon knowing from experience it would not run, and the system grudgingly opened it in a text editing app--but still not something that could actually run it, just to a place where I could finally see it. 

“You are kidding. Right?”


I passed, running 10.6.8 Mac OS X, and it’s still really, very good. And smart. And from 16 months ago.

Another year and all the best!

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