Tuesday, October 9, 2012

still pirating content?

A deal has been struck between the RIAA, the MPAA
 and the following ISP’s.

Your internet service provider doesn’t want to do this, 
but soon they’ll have no choice.

Porn is the biggest unlawful download, but films are right up there, too.

Strike 1: They’ll send an e-mail alleging someone used your internet connection to download copyrighted material and they’ll teach you how to secure your Wi-Fi connection.

In some states you are liable for how your wifi is used even if it’s not you that’s using it.
Strike 2: You get another notification similar to Strike 1.

Strike 3: Yet another e-mail notification, but this time it includes a “read-receipt” you have to click on to evidence that you got it and read it. Or at least got it.

Strike 4: Another alert similar to Strike 3.
Yawn. getting ridiculous.

Strike 5: Now the action starts. Your ISP can throttle you (slow down your connection) or temporarily suspend internet service until you call them to discuss "educational information about copyright."

You can still get online but they auto-redirect you at every web request to a page that instructs you to call them.

Strike 6: If you go all the way to Strike 6, now the "mitigation measures" are mandatory and the content creators have finally gotten what they’ve been lobbying for.

Also FYI under this agreement, lawyers will not be given your name, address, telephone number or e-mail without cause but a subpoena will be respected.

So that’s what lawyers will send. Still pirating content? Now you know.

Better hack the neighbors wifi now. :-)

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