Thursday, August 30, 2012

Apple kills Star Trek

In typical internet backlash, the Apple patent victory this week over Samsung’s Galaxy copy of the iPhone has its ardent vocal detractors.

But the jury said “Are you kidding me?”  THIS was a cell phone before Apple:

Apple invested 4 ½ years and enormous amounts of money to make phones look and work like this instead:

Consumers liked them. It turned telecom design on a dime.

According to evidence and testimony, Samsung invested about 4 months and a comparative pittance and hit the market with this:


Now Samsung has to pay Apple a bit more than a $billion and do what Apple did in the first place...that is...

...invest years of work and enormous amounts of money to figure out a next gen phone that works differently from the iPhone and is INSANELY BETTER. That’s how you take a market back. 

That’s competition. That’s how great products leapfrog each other and how patent spurs innovation.

If Samsung is smart, they’ll go back and do just that.

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