Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the medium is the message

Yet another seismic shift occurred in the music industry last week when Amanda Fucking Palmer raised one fucking million dollars on KickStarter.
Kickstarter gives independent artists the chance to raise money directly from their fans, eliminating the record label entirely.
Amanda’s music is good, but her last album sold just 36,000 copies. Her greatness lies in creating online celebrity for herself.

Katy Perry joined the Beatles, BeeGee’s and Michael Jackson in consecutive #1 hits in 2010. On her music? Not likely, more her celebrity within her “digital native” fanbase.
Our internet culture appears to create opportunities based more upon fame than any art that’s actually being produced.
Ask Paris Hilton or any Kardashian, or the folks at JerseyShore.

Need a paycheck? 
Be famous for being famous, I guess. 
And give your music away.

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