Monday, May 14, 2012

going to the dogs

The Loew's Boulevard Theatre on Southern Boulevard @ 165th Street opened on November 1, 1913.

The marquis is gone now, but it once hung from these shackles.

The theatre was designed as a vaudeville house in the Beaux Arts style by Thomas W. Lamb, a famous theatre designer at the time.

Lamb’s Boulevarde Theater was reported to have 2,187 seats. 

In 1917 silent motion pictures began and so a Möller pipe organ was installed to provide musical accompaniment. 

Over the years, much of the Boulevard's ornate auditorium was painted over or draped with fabric to make the interior appear more "modern." I found this photo on the link.

Today the theatre is a memory. It’s a 99cent store, a T-Mobile, and it sells cheap import furniture.

Lamb’s beautiful building remains, but its dignity is now held in reserve. Our world keeps changing.

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