Saturday, April 14, 2012

kids of all ages

I think too many kids grow up these days with plenty of their beloved chicken nuggets but not enough fruits or vegetables. This is a recipe that has it all, and kids love it.

Start with a chicken, I always buy it whole because it is the least expensive per pound and yields a carcass for chicken stock.  

Cut everything apart and pull the skin off; wings, drumsticks, thighs and cut the breasts into two halves. The breast parts are boneless and become the equivalent of large nuggets.
Salt and pepper the chicken then start about three or four cups of canola oil over a hot flame.

After it heats for awhile, cut a tiny piece of chicken and drop it in. Does it sizzle immediately like this? The oil is ready.

Dredge the chicken in the cornstarch, then knock off all the extra.
Now slip it into the hot oil. Be careful.

Don’t drop or it will splash. Slip it in.

Nice, huh? 

After a few minutes, flip it over, fry a few minutes more, drain on papertoweling. It’s time to start the rice.
While the rice is cooking, clean a couple cups of snowpeas, cut up six or seven cloves of fresh garlic...

...and start frying in the same fry pot.

As the garlic starts to golden turn it down to medium, add the chicken and toss. 

Now dump in the peaches. They are canned and not fresh because we need the light syrup and juice. 

Toss everything about to coat and let everything heat through until the peaches start to bubble. Plate some rice, it’s time to serve.

Serve the mixture over the rice, allowing the hot peach juices to drain down into the rice.
Fantastic; sweet, salty, the snow peas are crunchy, the soft hot peaches are delicious and the chicken is just great with every food group represented. 

Loved by kids of all ages.

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