Saturday, February 17, 2018

thistle only take a few minutes

Artichokes are thistles. 

That explains the little barb on the ends of their leaves.

They are in season now,
and well priced and you should eat some.

The most antioxidents of any vegetable, too!

Wash and cut off the stems, cut the barbed end of the leaves and peel all the outer leaves leaving only the tenderest inner part.

Quarter them, clean a red pepper, some parsley and some garlic.

Now heat up some smoking hot olive oil and in they go.

Just turn them around and around for 5 or 6 minutes,
then toss in the fresh red pepper.

Two more minutes, add some salt, throw in the parsley and the garlic
and some dried red pepper if you want a little heat.

Another minute or so, a squeeze of lemon…

 and you are done!

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