Thursday, September 28, 2017

the maturation process

The cobblestone streets of Milan are truly ancient.

They’ve been embedded with trolley track since 1881,
5 years before our ClockTower.

Horses did the work back then. 

Then came steam. 
Overhead wiring brought electricity to the 110 mile system in 1893.

In Center City the tram cars have all been modernized.

But a ride out to the ‘burbs is more impressive. 
That’s where the older tram cars are still in use.

Crafted in chrome and glass, enameled steel and gleaming mahogany, 
they are a throwback to the early 1940’s.

And they are spotless.

No graffiti. No scratching or carving on the seats.

There is a civic pride in these trains and the locals take excellent care of them.

No one litters. The cars are immaculate.

New Yorkers are a young culture and we have some growing up to do.

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