Thursday, July 13, 2017

it's all fake

Imagine that Hillary won. Fair and square.

But for perspective,
reverse the political leanings of American media. 

The American Conservative is now a liberal rag. Got it?
And a high percentage of US media outlets are published with a conservative slant. 

And Hillary won.

News media would pick on her hair, the length of her skirt and her rumply, old pantsuits. 

They'd call for investigations of her unsavory closest.

That’s what #fakenews is. 

“Facts, but presented within analysis and commentary to achieve a political outcome.”

We haven't been empowered with evenhanded news reporting since three-quarters of us agreed Walter Cronkite was 1972’s “most trusted man in America.”

“NEWS” has devolved to a sea of liberal-leaning reporters informing liberal-leaning editors with liberal owners.

#Fakenews is real.

It’s a cancer of ideals about the American press,
 regardless of whose side it may be helping.

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